Top 20 best excuses you’ve ever had from a tenant for being late in paying the rent

For any tenant reading this who pays their rent in full and on time religiously and without fail, I salute you.  It never ceases to amaze me how the payment of rent is viewed by some tenants as further down the priority list than SkyTV!

moneybox-158346If it was a mortgage payment surely it would be the top priority monthly payment?  Thankfully there are plans afoot to address this issue but in the meantime, even though you may be pulling your hair out, take a moment to enjoy some of the more imaginative, extraordinary and downright bizarre reasons I’ve heard for not paying rent on time:

  1. My dog ate your standing order form.
  2. I was on the way to the bank but crashed my lorry and I’m now having to wait for the police to arrive to breathalyse me.
  3. It was my daughter’s birthday and she had to go to see Robbie Williams.
  4. I put £650 cash through your letter box, didn’t you get it?
  5. I couldn’t pay this month because the bank burned down! (After scoffing at her bizarre excuse for some time, I googled it and discovered it was true!)
  6. My gran has cancer – I found out she didn’t.
  7. I had one lady who couldn’t pay her top up because “she had just found out that she had Chlamydia”. There then followed a detailed report on where it could have originated from but the one big omission was her current boyfriend as she wanted to have another baby with him to hang onto him. What can you say?
  8. The dog ate my bank card. This dog’s becoming a pain.
  9. I had one tenant who claimed her son was in a critical condition in hospital after a motorbike accident, and she was at his bedside 24/7. She even dragged it on till he died and then the funeral, etc. Needless to say, son was alive and well and disowned her when he found out!
  10. Why would my rent bounce – my Sky went through ok?
  11. Road works have stopped people coming into my shop so I can’t pay this week.
  12. One tenant told me her aunt had gone and put the rent into the paying-in machine of the wrong bank the day before, so she was going that day to get it back from there! Of course it never turned up through the clearing system, nor did she “retrieve the funds” and pay them in again.
  13. I cannot pay my rent today because when I was on my way to work, a man was running for the bus, collapsed and died. So I haven’t been able to make it to get the money.  But I will pay tomorrow.
  14. I was very stupid and took a loan out and forgot I had to pay it back so it takes all the money out of my account. Sorry about this, it’s not my fault but I’ll start paying when it’s paid off.
  15. I have a guarantor! Why do I need to pay rent?!
  16. I had one tenant whose mother died which is all well and good but twice!
  17. I’m going on holiday so can’t pay the rent.
  18. I need the money for Christmas presents – well she couldn’t let the kids go without the XBOX, DVDs, and a new bike!
  19. I needed to use the rent money for transport costs to get my husband to hospital.
  20. Oops I totally forgot and now I’ve bought my bus pass!

No landlord really wants an excuse for the late payment of rent.  It does sometimes happen and often there are genuine and of course believable reasons. Whilst it’s easy to laugh (and sometimes you have to) at some of the worst excuses, at Ewe Move we know only too well how late payment of rent can be a real issue for many landlords – particularly when it’s consistently late and not just a one-off issue.

Automated collection service 

That’s why we have systemised and automated methods and collect rents by direct debit which is the first payment out of a bank account on any given day. And the result is that we boast a 99.5% record of collecting rents on the day they are due. And if that sounds refreshing, then please get in touch to see how I can help you. Oh and don’t forget to share any excuses you’ve been given for late or non payment of rent here on the blog or on the Ewe Move Facebook page, we’d love to hear from.

Award winning Ewe Move in Dorking  are a residential property sales and lettings agency who pride themselves on being refreshingly different and standing out from the crowd. EweMove Dorking covers from Ockley to Oxshott.

Enquiries to 01306 406 506 / 01372 701 702, or via email to

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